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The effectiveness of financial management of the enterprise and the climate in the team depend on the correctness of the calculation of payments and the timeliness of their accrual. Compliance with the law, confidentiality of information, promptness of reporting – all this must be taken into account. Payroll outsourcing is the best way to save the time of a full-time specialist, ensure the safety and the quality of mathematical calculations. 

Often, all financial calculations are the responsibility of an accountant or HR specialist and they can be distracted. Therefore, it is better to entrust the regular and time-consuming procedure to a professional provider of this service. 

Such delegation is especially convenient and beneficial for companies with complex payroll models, for start-up businesses, as well as for enterprises with several branches or divisions. Remote payroll will prevent conflicts in the company due to the difference in the rate of newcomers and experienced key workers. No one will know about incentives, compensations and other payments. 

Benefits of outsourcing payroll Less risk

Continuous work. According to the outsourcing agreement, the company works for you all the time, without holidays and sick days. A full-time specialist has the right to quit and move to a new workplace.

Time saving. By entrusting the calculation of payment to a remote employee, you free up the working time of accounting and HR specialists. While we are solving financial problems, your team helps you grow your business.

Service quality and timeliness guarantee. The company takes responsibility for the timeliness of accruals, the accuracy of payments and the confidentiality of information. It also constantly monitors the slightest changes in legislation that are taken into account in the work. Delegation of settlements protects you from many financial risks.

Saving company money. Company does not have to pay for training of your employees, their legal and tax advice, and you do not need to expand the office space.

Without a competent organization of staff remuneration, it is impossible to achieve high productivity and a healthy climate in the team. Timely and fair remuneration of employees, personnel records is a difficult job that takes a lot of effort from the employer, even if there are only a few employees on the staff.

What can we offer: 

Confidentiality of information, resolving issues of internal       confidentiality; 
 Quality of execution;
Ability to focus on more significant or core activities; 
Reliability of correctness of any calculations; 


We simplify and optimize payroll wherever you are!